A Gift

A Gift

This was a difficult story to write because of its many factors involved. First you have victims, doctrines, coverups, social engineering, public relations, you have denial and so on. It is about the Catholic church and their hardships. It is about Catholics recovering after priestly pedophiles, CRAPP. There is a movie called Spotlight, it tells the story of journalists from Boston who investigated the possibility of a problem in the church in the Boston area. This led to the discovery of much more than they suspected. It was throughout the USA and also throughout the world. You have to call that an epidemic. Usually in an epidemic there is one factor, a virus, you need to discover in order to survive and conquer it. In the case of the Catholic church there is one factor, one virus, the confessional.

What you will find in this story will show that there have been two types of victims that came from this virus. The confessor and the priest. We know about the children that were violated as they were main story in the news. The other victims were the forgotten story, the priests. The majority of these priests must surely have loved Jesus and the Gospels and wanted to be part of “The Way”. So, because of their denomination as Catholics, they joined the church they thought they knew.

This Catholic church and their hierarchy from the past thought they could improve on the Savior’s work and create a system to remove and forgive sins. This Savior, Jesus the Christ, could not have suffered anymore with his mission from the Father, to come to this earth and remove this fault factor that is called sin. A supernatural design from Divine Reality to remove this fault factor. Now, is this Catholic church, thumbing their nose at this Divine Plan unknowingly? Are they captives of an evil force unknowingly? This church hierarchy has assumed they have the power to forgive and remove sins and it appears that they have paid a price. This old doctrine of the church teaches the priests that they will have this power to remove and forgive sins. Obviously, the priests will do what the system teaches, they assume that the leaders are closer to God than they are. So, they will also assume they have this anointing to forgive and remove this fault factor.

Fast forward to the confessional, two booths, one for the priest, one for the confessor. It can’t be any surprise that the confessional stories would be full of sex stories and the details. A priest who listens to all of this, has to start visualizing this, and hearing these words, it is as though he would have been watching pornos for hours. He is still human and now worse off than the confessor. How can there by any possibility of removing sins, the fault factor, when it has surely multiplied. The priest will now realize he is flesh and blood and his thoughts have been shifted to a more carnal nature, how can it not? He has taken on more than he can handle, his nature is tortured, he succumbs to corruption, his plans now shift to seducing someone so that he can satisfy the urge brought on by the confessional, brought on by a false belief, a false doctrine designed by a hierarchy that is out of touch with Divine Reality.

In the words of the Savior, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak”. This church plan has caused so much damage and continues to this day, you have to wonder why? So now you see that the priest is also a victim, overwhelmed in lawsuits and trials, most likely they are dumbfounded with something that has failed them. Only remembering when they were possibly called to serve the Lord and how they loved that calling. A good priest has to recognize that they are in a most vulnerable situation. They have to give up this unromantic notion that they are prepared to remove sins along with keeping their parishioners in the dark. A fact that Jesus the Christ has already completed this Divine Act of removing and forgiving sins, this ancient fault factor. Get all of these confessional booths, pile them up, and burn them like what was done in the Spanish Inquisition. Tell the Pope to change this format because it has proven itself to be a failure. Catholic laity, you can help out by not going to any of these medieval methods, confessionals. The church needs your help of sensibility more than you realize. When you start out on this path of restoration for the church, you will not be alone. You are going to recognize a Divine Help.

Seek only for Divine Reality and Rejoice!

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