Warning Poison

Warning Poison

Please, Christians, the time demands for us to put this extreme emphasis of the Book of Revelation to an end! I do not mean to discard it, but to focus on The Now. What it is causing and has caused any enemy of the faith to hear your lectures, on how and when these things take place, with your detailed sermons quoting the Book of Revelation. All they have to do, this enemy of the faith, you made it so easy for them to copy what you are saying and what is written, then replicate and initiate something that would appear to be an event from the Book of Revelation.

Bin Laden did that with the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001. He was hoping to scare everyone into thinking this was it. Bin Laden copied what is in Chapter 18 of the Book of Revelation and created a false specter. Praise be to God, the USA and its government did not seek advice from these doomsday disciples, we would still be hiding for cover somewhere. Just like a cult leader, David Koresh of the Waco Branch Davidian, who tried to do this with his doomsday preaching of the end times being near with readings in the Book of Revelation. It kept his followers paralyzed from any truths. Thanks be to God, that George W. Bush did not start preaching that the destruction of the towers were a sign from the Book of Revelation that Jesus is coming and everyone run to your cellar, lock the door and don’t come out. I am sure Bin Laden would have licked his chops if that had happened.

So, you see, you doomsday preachers, you are not doing the Lord’s work. You are doing the work of the enemy of the Lord. Jesus brings Love and Truth, what you bring is a nightmare. Jesus tells us that only the Father knows, if and when these last days take place that fits his time schedule. Jesus greatly advises us to focus on what is before us, then what may be around the corner. Doomsday preachers don’t be the dope in sheep’s clothing or even a naked Judas. Truth seekers beware of these doomsday merchants! Truth seekers seek Divine Reality!

Rejoice 10/13/2020

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