Demystifying Religion


Demystifying Religion - the wrong design

There was a very romantic man that fell in love with the idea that he could make the world a better place. He lived on an island so he thought his calling demanded that he become a sailor and sail to distant lands to bring his good news! So he gathered a few friends and convinced them to join

him in this great adventure. They were good people and had only good intentions. So they gathered the materials to make their boat and had some idea on how it should work. So in their haste and ideas that they would discuss with each other, they made great speed in constructing the

boat. They did all this in a place that was distant from society, they thought this would be better for them because they believed that there is no one like them. They knew that wind was very important for their sails and off they went on their journey.

While they were leaving, there was a traveler observing from the shore and he noticed that their boat looked very odd. He was sure that they constructed it improperly because the main sail was before the jib sail. How could they be so naïve, he thought? This traveler who ran to the waters edge yelled to them “you will never arrive to your destination with that bad design”. Will these romantics ignore this advice?

It is harder for the truth to be revealed to a desperate romantic than truth to a child. Are there Christian denominations that fit into this category? There is one denomination with good people, they see the faults in another denomination and can be very critical of them. Is this denomination more self righteous than truthful? Are their intentions good but their design bad as in the romantics who need to improve on their boat design? Only the tides can dictate their course. They are troubled with earthly reality, how can they notice Divine Reality. “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”.

Let’s examine this denomination, who are good and God fearing people but should they be more God loving than God fearing? They proclaim a sabbath and the next coming of Christ. These two ideals seem to contradict each other. You have one ideal that demands the end of time as in the last final day and the other ideal a seventh day sabbath recognition which cannot happen at the end of time anyway. I will use this Old Testament event to prove my point, Joshua 6:2-5, the battle of Jericho. God instructs the people on the seventh day to march around seven times for the walls of Jericho to fall. It was more important during this Biblical event at Jericho to put away any idea of a sabbath. Truth was revealed by God in a Divine Reality.

Where else is there a Divine Truth that was compromised and needs to be recognized? In the first two commandments. There is no need for the other eight commandments. The last eight seem to be add ons for dull minded and stubborn people that need to be spoon fed with Truths. Truth will always be greater than a romantic notion. The romantic cuts himself off from the nutrition of Divine Truths, doomed to eventually wither. The desperate romantics are constantly re-inventing themselves, strangers to Divine Reality, always needing others who think as they do, sweet talking each other for only a sugar high.

Any Seeker in Truth can chart their course and with Heaven’s help navigate through any darkness. There is Truth and success in Jesus the Christ because he is the light that shines in the darkness. Jesus says: “do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth, I have come to bring not peace but debate”. Matthew 10:34. Beware of a table full of people who are set in one mind forcing a romantic tradition. A desperate romantic religious tradition! This is the same mentality that crucified a savior. We must separate romantic religious tradition from Divine Truths. It starts by knowing what is before you, not by trying to predict tomorrows. Don’t be the rooster who wants credit for the sunrise or the wolf in sheep’s clothing or the log that is driven only by the tides. Learn Truths and define them, they will link up to each other and become higher Truths. The optimum word is define. Rejoice in Divine Truth!

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