MUSLIMS 07/08/2020

This is for you my friends and I hope it will bring us into a great friendship, a loving friendship. These words are not an overnight idea of mine, you have been in my thoughts and prayers for years. Now the Lord, through his Holy Spirit, his promise to us has helped me with this mission. Helping me to be bold in this mission. To bring more light to the story of Ishmael, a person who was brought into the world by a woman’s schemes. A woman who had to do it her way instead of waiting for God’s way. She burdened many lives. A hardship that exists even now these thousands of years later.

My friends, you have been treated as Christ was treated. You are closer to him than you realize. You are treated as thou you are orphans. Maybe, just maybe, Satan has seperated you from your destiny getting the hearts and minds of some making them his zombies. Satan’s zombies are more dangerous when they think they are doing God’s work. If you put that in perspective, my dear friends, you will understand what power love and forgiveness is, better than any weapons that kill and maim. You will paralize Satan with these tools, love and forgiveness. You will even release your enemies from the power of Satin when you boldly take and possess that plan. You will be part of the people that alter time and space.

Look at the birth of Jesus, who noticed and arrived at the place where the infant Jesus was, it was the Arab. They were called the Magi. A scientific group who noticed this cosmic event by the stars and mathematics. Satan must have noticed that event, with his jealous nature, and made you his enemy. Satan realized that you were the people who could see God in everything that is scientific, truthful, a people that cannot be easily mislead. You will have so much to forgive when you start overcoming with the Divine love. Put the rest of the world to shame with your future destiny that the Holy Spirit will show you. You will move mountains by your faith. Begin where the Magi started, fellowship with the Holy Spirit, see Christ as a threshold and enter that portal. You will now be ready for the cosmic sweet spot.

There is no second coming of Christ until this paradigm shift occurs. Rumi was an early pathfinder who has found Christ as a cosmic leader. God will reveal himself to you if you start this fellowship with him. He will reveal himself with much gusto. The Holy Spirit, an extension of God, is your force multiplier, he will help you humble your opponents with truth. The great team, spirit and truth, will be your advocate, the perfect gift anyone can have. No longer will your opponents think, and no longer will you feel as though you are orphans. You are children of God, you always were children of God. But now you will act like children ready to feast on God’s glory that God will bring you to. Claim what is yours, knock on heaven’s door, seek. You have always been Seekers. You will be called the people of the way.

Your first step is to forgive, forgive, forgive. You will be richly rewarded, a promise from God. Because there is much to forgive there will be much to gain. Try it with baby steps, if that is more comfortable for you. This will take courage, you do not have any role models in this new order. You are originals. There will be much rejoicing in heaven when you are determined to take that step. Like the Magi, you will discover Jesus Christ, and gain confidence sharing his glory. Rejoice!