Holy Spirit


This story was designed for everyone to grasp, it is one of the most powerful stories from God who shows that he is a continuum of dynamic forces and is also a gentle friend we can have fellowship with. This story will show and prove in Divine Truths that God contributes to many epiphanies as well as sending a Savior to the world. This story refers to this Divine Epiphany of Saul of Tarsus who became Saint Paul from the New Testament Acts Chapter 9. A testament that has Divine elegant Truths that relate to the here and now. It puzzles me that Christian pastors and Evangelists do not preach about this all the time. Overlooking this may reveal their incompetence. If they would articulate what is there in the story properly it would convert even a demon. But they would rather tell some story from the Old Testament about an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. New wine into old wineskins?

Back to the story of Saul who became Saint Paul. Saul was the most feared enemy of the people of “The Way”, the followers of the Christ. This guy, Saul, had no limit in dealing with the believers, even murder if necessary. Saul was on a journey to Damascus when he was interrupted by a divine presence in the voice of Jesus the Christ. With an unworldly brilliant light, a voice without a body, all men who were with him dropping to the ground. Saul had to be thinking this vision is certainly the leader of the people I am hell bent on destroying and why am I still alive?

Now with the chemistry and science of the vision, the power of matter and antimatter, particles that remain and particles that are annihilated. This vision is Divine Matter, Saul is evil antimatter. This person, Saul, and his ambitions are instantly converted, the evilness in Saul has been annihilated and he was blinded. His eyes were affected by the Divine Chemistry that has passed through his body. A Divine Truth is being processed and proven, like a scientist has to prove a truth as well. An elegant Divine Truth has revealed itself. It is as if time and space was adjusted and its fabric was aligned. Of course, Jesus the Christ has contributed to that adjustment too.

Now the story continues with Saul’s eyesight being restored, he is now known as Paul, he is now part of “The Way”. He will become a great if not the greatest disciple evangelist. This shows that there is power and life in the Holy Spirit who will lead the way for us too. And how the Holy Spirit has performed just as good if not better in selecting a disciple on this earth the same way Jesus did when he was walking on this earth. Jesus has promised that the Holy Spirit will perform better than him. This should be no surprise to anyone, believer. This story, you will have to notice, it cannot be invented or concocted. This story has too many moving parts to be a lie. You can examine these parts and then believe, or you can just believe.

This Divine Structure cannot be dismantled. The Holy Spirit is real, alive, and willing to help, willing to reach out to anyone who is courageous and needy. The Holy Spirit will not turn away from even a snot who thinks he is too sophisticated for this. Remember, you snots, even when you have burned all of your bridges and think there is no hope for yourself, the Holy Spirit knows where all of you who are lost, as a group, migrate to. There will always be the extended arm with the gentle hand for you. Even if it has to spoon feed some of you with this Divine Chemistry, like a good parent would do. The Holy Spirit is here, it lives, it sees, and mostly it loves. So, take notice, have fellowship, and please no speaking in tongues, speak only in a voice that you can define. Anyone who claims they have seen a heavenly vision that is beyond the Holy Spirit is a liar or a clinical case. The archangel Gabriel can be allowed, it is okay.

Seek only in Divine Reality!

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