Seeking Knowledge

Guidance for Those Seeking Gospel Knowledge

As you inevitably face hardships or challenges in life, you may not know where to turn. At ChrisTho, we believe that God has already given us the answers we seek about life and the truths about how to overcome those challenges. We just have to look for them—and you don’t have to search for them alone. Our online community seeks to find guidance through all the challenges we face in the sources God has provided, whether they be a difficult question or a challenging life experience.

When you join our fellowship, you’ll join us in seeking clarification of the teachings of Christ as we dissect these teachings to reveal their true message. Through dissecting the teachings of Christ and of the Bible, we are left with Divine Truths that will guide us toward a more spiritually fulfilling life. As we strive to understand what Jesus the Christ taught, we can learn to approach all aspects of life in the way he has shown us through his example, in a way that is kinder and more loving.

Demystify Religious Misunderstandings

Our goal here is to help you discover the real truths behind the common misunderstandings in religion through a process we call demystifying religion. When you begin to recognize the Divine Truths of life and the ways in which we should approach any challenging situations, and learn how to apply them, you’ll begin to grow your heart and expand your mind so that you are better equipped to defeat what is harming mankind today.

To fellowship it is necessary for you to clear your mind, believe in the promised spirit to enter you, and then call upon the Father in Jesus' name. Finish with reading John 17: 20-21. This is called knocking on the front door. This is the advice that Jesus gives to us: knock on the front door. Too many religions take you to the back where there is no one, there is no door, no answer, just religion. Here at ChrisTho you will find Truths to light the dark. This fellowship is the beginning of your entanglement with God. The entanglement that can reach across galaxies. Start yours with direction from

Are you seeking gospel knowledge? As a fellowship, we are seekers who always strive to gain more truth and apply those truths to our lives. We’re here to welcome anyone who is seeking knowledge in Christ, no matter their walk of life or where they come from.

And even after we discover new divine truths through our challenges and questions, we are always seeking truth. We always ask questions and seek to find answers through gospel teachings. Our community is constantly collaborating through loving service to one another while we offer gentle critiques in a way that builds each other up in a greater understanding of Divine Truths and gospel teachings.

However, seeking truths and finding answers doesn’t end there. Our mission is to spread these messages of Divine Truths to the world, so that we may do God’s work in a way that brings more people to a greater understanding of his word. If you’re interested in becoming part of this mission to demystify religion, seek knowledge in God, find comfort in Christ, fully understand love, and ultimately understand your eternal investment, join our fellowship today.