Divine Truths will link up

To understand truth is to first understand the word itself. Truth is a word that defines everything. The optimum word is “define”. Can we define ourselves? If we truly can, we can say we know some truths. Does a chef know a natural truth in the kitchen, they should. Like

what describes a bologna sandwich, two slices of bread and bologna. Simple, right? That was easy, truth defines all things. There are natural truths and Divine Truths. Natural truths we learn from observation and applications along with education, from cooking to

astrophysics. Einstein could define his theories of relativities in scientific truths. He also concluded God is not malicious. Divine Truths are more complicated and we have been stumbling at this for too long. We are still on its first page.

Jesus the Christ is the only one who walked the face of the earth who could define truth and command its powers. Let’s now return the story back to us, the human race. Sometimes humans are given a portion of Divine Reality in order to give a voice to truth. This Divine Truth from Divine Reality lives only in light, no darkness, darkness cannot influence it. It’s a continuum. It defines everything from micro to macro. It also annihilates anything that its opposite, just like in natural science, particles and anti-particles. There will always be annihilations.

False doctrines have been annihilated with Divine Truth as well. I’ll give you one example from the Gospel of John 8:3-9. Jesus who was confronted by the Jews, the local religious order, on what to do about a woman who was caught in adultery. These Rabbis were hoping to trap Jesus with their plan because they thought how could he disagree with the Law of Moses. Not a Divine Law but a Moses law. This law of Moses says to stone such a woman! Now these temple Priests, these Scribes and Pharisees of the temple, kept pressing Jesus for his answer. Now we cannot overlook that Jesus did not say the first thing that entered his thoughts. He is not a motormouth, a rambler of thoughts, there was a Divine pause before his answer. He must have waited for the perfect answer that came from the Father God. This perfect answer from the Father was as Jesus answered: “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone”. Now one by one these Rabbis, starting with the eldest, dropped their stones and walked away. WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE? Can we recognize that a Divine Reality has entered the story bringing Divine Truth?

This Divine Truth has annihilated false doctrine, a false religious doctrine composed by men. Any civilized country could not tolerate and should not tolerate such a law as to stone someone. That Mosaic law has been annihilated by Divine Truth with its brilliant light. I am writing these words so you may understand Truths, and not be mystified. To simplify, not to complicate, is my goal.

Also, to end this first lesson in truths, you must know that the Holy Spirit, a portion of God, delivers Truths. If you would like to participate in this great and noble cause, you will have to know and be in fellowship with the author of natural and Divine Truths. Only in the New Testament you will find the way, this is the environment for Truth Seekers. Divine Reality shows up only in the Gospels, much more than in romantic stories from the Old Testament. In the Gospels you will find the way, the method of Love, righteousness, Truth, and glory. It is of the spirit, not of the flesh. Jesus The Christ says: “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. How important it will be for us to define the things that bring us joy.

Let me reiterate, don’t let anyone or any evil fill your todays with tomorrows.
Know what is before you rather than what may be around the corner.
Then you will have surely invested your time wisely.
There is nothing wrong with protecting your tomorrows, such as insurance policies, investments, and savings.
Let us all rejoice in natural and Divine Truths and link them up!

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