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Subtitle: Seeking Knowledge In God and Seeking Comfort In God.

Greetings, Seekers and Evangelicals! There is this romantic notion going around that Christians and Jews should build a maypole and dance around it and celebrate something that has been around since the early church. Trying to Judaize The Way – the New Testament. Saint Paul would have none of that! Jesus said you cannot put new wine in old wineskins. Jesus brought to the world The Way, the method that leads to God. Jesus says The Way is born more of spirit than earthly origin. Evangelicals, Seekers, all who are born of the spirit through Christ, don’t be sidetracked with a romantic notion. Don’t confuse Divine Love with religious romanticism, Christ came as a savior not a harbinger. He said it is more important to know what is before you than what is around the corner. Only evil wants you to lose your focus! Christ says only the Father knows what’s in the future. Christ who brings The Way, the New Covenant, and the Glory to back up his works done on earth annihilates what is false. Another words, to make it plain to you so that you can understand, we are not under any similarities of God’s wrath, no same punishment as the Old Testament. To Judaize The Way is to mock the way of the Cross. The way of the Cross is from Divine Love. To keep Divine Love always in our focus, don’t forget Divine Love gives forgiveness and freedom and a new beginning as to be born again. Romantic ideas only bring fiction not truth. Rejoice in Truth not fiction!

What if you were at the Olympics and during an important race while the athletes were running, fans that were there jumped from their seats, ran to the track, and stopped the runners? Because these fans were Greeks they wanted everyone to be aware that the Greeks started these Olympics. They were so bold to think that they could stop the games and demand attention and credit for what was happening now. They even threatened a curse upon all who did not listen, even if we have to frighten you to death, we will call upon the God of Olympus they said. The end of this analogy.

Please don’t give any of these interlopers any more confidence! Rejoice only in Truth.

Rejoice 09/25/2020

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