A Salute to Black History

A Salute to Black History

Subtitle: Knowledge In God and Comfort In God.

This web site realizes now how important it is to comment on how the black person over a period of 55 years has made this U.S. of A. a far better place. I’m old enough to witness the righteousness of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. getting through all that white hatred he endured with obedient tactics Jesus Christ gave us. He will always be my hero, not out of a history story, but by witnessing his courage in real time. As a white person, it was awesome to see this black man with this divine spark that only Divine Reality can give.

I believe this is still a divine plan of God’s that has to be completed by us humans and to find our calling in this. This is in our life now of huge biblical proportions more than any Old Testament document. There can be no corrupting of original news footage as in ancient biblical hand me downs. It presents Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. as a Moses figure. We are all entertained at the marvelous athletic achievements of these modern day black sports figures. The Blessing of God to the blacks is showing up before us and also these black politicians who are speaking so smartly and have better solutions to fix society’s problems. This blessing is showing up time after time. We are witnessing how some of these white politicians will change their story even if it was shown through video and TV records. Some of these politicians have children who saw this on TV. To what can they offer to their children that can be honest? It is as if they donated their brain to someone who has control over them.

Here is the solution in politics, the best and brightest of white and black link up to make a better country, maybe even a more righteous country. I am sure any stench from the unrighteous side would be with them and there would be no confusing righteous from unrighteous. Of course there is going to be a stench. Would we not also give our proper respect to all our patriots who gave their lives for the sacred value to be free and free to choose as in voting? If you corrupt the vote, you will corrupt their sacrifice. There are some now planning to disgrace our fallen martyrs by introducing what can only be called a dictatorship. If God loves this country, he will surely send his Angels to separate the wheat from the chaff. These Angels are special forces and leave no tracking path! You will see what they do not how they do it. This will be the real America.

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