Define and Conquer

Define and Conquer

Subtitle: Knowledge In God and Comfort In God.

Are you conscious of sin? — If not, then you are blind to it! Sin is something we are born into, it has been part of our DNA. This fault factor, sin, is also the greatest enemy of the human race. Jesus has called it the ruler of this world, sin it is the enemy of righteousness. Jesus is of righteousness. God brings Jesus to the world to expose sin, to condemn sin, and annihilate sin and give mankind the power to be protected from its damage and enter a Divine Reality here on this earth. With the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ who completed the Father’s wish to give his flesh and blood as an offering to annihilate sin with this holy chemistry, his flesh and blood, this Divine Science, this Divine Reality, that will surpass all religious understanding to the reality of the cross that Jesus bore and was obedient to accomplish. Jesus is aware that the Father has even a greater understanding and knowledge of how to conquer sin by way of the cross that will become a Divine Science. God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, two forces that contribute to one God, will take this first step, the hardest and painful step, by way of the cross, this Divine Plan to annihilate sin leaving us to take the next step in completing this by simply believing this to be true, that Jesus is the Savior of the World and God has sent him. Now Jesus born Son of Man, recognized as a Jew, is offered up by way of the cross, bleeding every drop of blood, starving off all flesh, so man, Jew, will no longer exist, but on the third day will rise from this death to become the glorified who has accomplished his Father’s wish.

God becomes now a greater and more approachable creator of mankind who has revealed himself as a Father, so we can take confidence in and be victorious in our journey of life. With this God has showed his great love for mankind and gives grace to the believer. This is accomplished not by any magic wand or an abracadabra but by a Divine Chemistry, Jesus became this Divine Cocktail full of Divine Chemistry in order to annihilate this fault factor, sin, as it has been called, so we as believers will receive this Divine Reality that will work within us. We will be transformed by its Divine Process. Now we will master what we can define.

This story is meant to define Divine Chemistry and Divine Substance and how it will contribute to a Divine Reality. The Seeker must now speak to and be obedient to its rules.

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