Doing Righteous Things

Doing Righteous Things

Subtitle: Seeking Gospel Knowledge.

I’m referencing to man-made rules, religious commandments, that have paralyzed any intellect. Ancient ideas established in the past were mostly of things not to do. Excessive commandments from a source that’s questionable. Too much influence from these ancient hierarchies that existed ages ago with their limited point of view. Even trying to dress it up by calling it tradition. Here’s one example of these laws: “if a woman is caught in adultery she should be stoned”. What about the man, does he get a free pass? Can that law be in any democratic nation?

This law and others like it can only show that they are man-made. No truth to it. Only truths have the power to survive millenniums their everlasting. Unfortunately, God has been given credit for these monstrous commandments that came only from religious thinking. In order for God to rescue his name from these misrepresentations and corruptions, he will send to this earth his Word that has became flesh who is to be called Jesus the Christ. Jesus with his short time on this earth did improve things enough to rid it of excessive insane religious directions like the woman caught in adultery and its archaic solution that can only be called chauvinistic. Recently in the news from Israel, a rabbi recommends the people of Israel experiment in designer drugs! Does he wish the people to be stoned all the time and not notice or question these ancient rules?

Also, in the news of Israel, they are showing the people demonstrating and being fed up with bad choices in politics. Politics that seem to have lost its wheels. We are commanded to Love Thy Neighbor because it’s not so easy in difficult times. That’s why it’s a commandment and we have to make an effort. God has promised this method has its rewards. Not killing and slaughter an eye for an eye. Maybe these demonstrations and growing impatience with the people of Israel who are now witnessing a renaissance without the assistance of religious leaders. This will lead to disagreement and hotly debates with each other. An intellectual revolution will occur and the people should win because they will be on the side of Truth. Don’t be like the Nazis who thought they were a superior race and were guided by mysterious forces. It did not work for them, then why is it going to work for you? Work with your neighbors. Stop the killing and bloodshed. Land is only territory, it’s not a proper noun or a piece of Heaven, it only has become a commodity for realtors.

O yea . . . Jesus had an answer for that law of stoning the woman, it is: “Let the one who is without sin cast the first stone”!

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