Farming Deceptions

Farming Deceptions

Subtitle: Seeking Knowledge in Christ.

They have over time, the Televangelists, corrupted the teachings of Christ and have even found a way of convincing their followers to fork over their money. Even convincing their followers to give their money to nonbelievers of Christ. It seems all they can do is preach to the choir, believers, and have no plan to convert these nonbelievers. Jesus has said whoever is for me is not against me. So, nonbelievers must be somewhat against him, Hello! These Televangelists also will excessively encourage their followers to send their money that will go to Israel even convincing the donors to think they’ll get back 5 times or more than they give! This give to be rewarded “joke” is from the windmills of their minds, certainly not from God.

Let me repeat Jesus’ words again “whoever is for me is not against me.” Can this be any clearer, so why make God something he’s not, like a card dealer in Atlantic City or Las Vegas? These Televangelists show that they are no different than the merchants at the Temple whose tables Jesus overturned and judged them to be hypocrites. Even still, the merchants at the Temple did not go as far as these Televangelists do.

We are commanded to Love Thy Neighbor not confuse thy neighbor. Even sheep can recognize a lunatic shepherd and realize they can do better without a lunatic “leader”. Jesus, The Word that became flesh, advises us to be “wise as serpents and innocent as doves”. Jesus, the Christ, was sent from the Father to show the world that you’re wiser to know the things to do rather than the things not to do, in order to accomplish more. That’s where you will find the True Force Multiplier, the Promised Spirit, as Jesus specified. Knowing what the right things to do is there for you only in the New Testament, the Living part of the Bible!

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