The End of the Beginning #2

The End of the Beginning #2

Subtitle: Seeking Gospel Knowledge.

Is Truth a Christho abstract intangible or a quantum entity? Truth is always here because it’s entangled with all natures. Science has never thought to track Truth as an entity. It’s only noticed as something mentioned in philosophy, science, religion, and now in politics with some trying to weaponize it as a moniker with mythical undertones.

With these future stories we’ll give Truth the rightful place existentially. Don’t call us prophets. Truth with these new horizons will be established as a Force, not allowing any more myth making. Truth does not dine with schemers, it abhors liars, it flees from deceit. Truth is entangled with righteousness, angels, happiness, to name a few.

We should now question the Catholic church, who was the beginning church, and who accepted most stories from Genesis, without realizing that they are stories that originated only with the Jews: Adam & Eve, Cain & Abel, family histories that seem to be all Jews from Adam to Noah, Noah to Abraham, Abraham to Moses, and all their accumulated sins that they admit which have no history of any Gentiles. They are the ones who created sin, guilt, culpability, blameworthiness – sins that can never be forgiven. Gentiles should not be part of this self-inflicted curse.

These ancients were fantastic storytellers, and most were fiction. The Jews should check out their DNA with 23 & Me, that’s todays science and find out how their DNA will take a different direction then their Bible and their religion suggests! Are they Truth Seekers?

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