The End of the Beginning #3

The End of the Beginning #3

Subtitle: Seeking Gospel Knowledge.

“If we can only recognize our prejudices and take a new initiative, along with pursuing this new frontier that also beckons our attention, we can gain a destiny that we can own”. Christho

In the fall of 2022, Scientific American’s Truth vs. Lies, comes very close in proclaiming Truth as an entity. With its stories that constantly use Truth as their benchmark as they contrast it to deception and mendacity for clarity. Hats off to Scientific American for its due diligence to its readers. Not so with religious institutions, making Truth more of a mystery with much mythology.

How can science not be of God? Even after finding Truth’s fundamental core there’s more to discover in its subtle endless continuum. Since ancient times, it has been a solution for humanity to evolve.

Only Jesus Christ came to this world as Truth’s authoritative representative, an extension of God sent by God to proclaim and define Truth to be an entity. You can only find this to be true if you read the gospels and realize that you need to understand them also. To understand them, truly, is for you to be entangled with the supernatural with Truth and its branches of perfection that goes beyond any religions’ dogma because it can and because it’s supposed to.

This is the part that will take us through this beginning that we seem to be stuck in with necessity to move forward with Truth showing the way. Truth can see the danger of not moving forward and the wisdom to find the right direction.

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