The Way Extended #1

The Way Extended #1

Subtitle: A Course in Divine Reality.

This is the first follow-up from the article “The Way” 06/15/2023 that’s needed because of its vital information. The reader needs to realize, first and foremost, Jesus is extraterrestrial, he came from a place and went back to this place that’s always been referenced as a Heaven. Unfortunately, religion has defined Heaven as a place in the clouds with winged creatures strolling about.

Now this place that Jesus did come from and went back to needs more reality to it and we need to know this is a living functional system, a Divine Science that has super capabilities that are able to reach out to us, communicate and even teach us with the large and small situations we deal with in this world and to work through it successfully 24/7. Remember not to drown its voice with all the hoopla that’s offered today that’s mostly noise and propaganda.

Don’t forget, “he who knows the all but fails to know himself misses everything”! In the Book of Glory, Gospel of John, specifically Chapters 14 thru 17 (not old English, please), you will discover the mind of Jesus, this super compassionate and super wisdom that no where else can be found in the Bible which informs and directs his Disciples to a system that Jesus does translate from a Divine Science to an earthly description to how they could put this information to work here in this world. With this important directive as you believe and apply it to your life, you’ll begin to sense that it’s a living force as it’s working through you as you silence the excess noise in your mind. You will find out and discover how Love can be weaponized for success and how this complicated method can only be taught by the Spirit of God via Jesus the Christ, the one who delivered it to us as an extraterrestrial sent by God. No doubt you will need to be entangled with God for this to succeed.

Remember Jesus is the Word of God that became flesh, an extension of God, not another God but an extension of God. This living force is a continuum of the work of Jesus that he started on this earth as this super extraterrestrial who was also not welcome by the religious standards then but is also still at the controls now. This is Truth and Truth needs no religious ceremonies, no incense, no bells and whistles, no Sabbath, or solo bravado religious songs. Truth stands on its own without excess noise. Reread “The Way” 06/15/2023, so that you can own this vital information and let it be stored in your very depths.

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