The Way Extended #2

The Way Extended #2

Subtitle: A Course in Divine Reality.

This is the second follow-up of a course in Divine Reality.  This is all about developing and starting from an uncorrupted beginning. Jesus, at times, referred to it as perfection and how one’s thinking is vital to maintain and sustain this beginning, to discern. This beginning is a continuous discipline based on grace mixed with everyday life so there’s no Hollywood happy ending. It is a process that has no comparison. And this process becomes entangled with Divine Reality, developing beyond “blind faith”, a term that has been misused. God does not enjoy abusing us with any confusing titles. As when reasoning tells us when something is not there nothing will happen! Don’t confuse “not there” with blind faith!

If what you are believing is not responding, it is a good sign it’s not there. Jesus has said in Matthew 7:21, even those who say Lord didn’t we do things in your name, did we not do this, and did we not do that in your name, and Jesus will declare, I never knew you, depart from me, you who never knew the will of God and never did it.

“Learn the will of the Father”. Love God with all your heart and mind and your neighbor as yourself. This is the law, and the Prophets and Jesus came to fulfill that law, not a boatload of manmade rules.

Jesus’ directive can be compared with to crossing a threshold, entering a Reality, a Divine Reality, even though we are still not perfect. Call this threshold “grace”. Also, the spirit of error cannot survive in this Reality! This is why it’s called “new”, not the Old Testament. Know the difference. Not any institution of higher education teaches to circle back to elementary school to keep 1st grade in tandem with a master’s degree! That institution would be shut down, it would only “corrupt” any valid education. The same thing will happen when you mix the Old Testament with the New, corruption! No one has a banquet with corpses at the tables, can you expect anything more than nothing!

Don’t remain on the sidelines like a corpse. Test the “new”, believe in “The Christ”. That’s why Jesus is called The Savior because he keeps you and me with the living not the walking dead! Reread the initial article, “The Way” 06/15/2023. Put to practice the two follow up articles to master the course in “Divine Reality”. Discover how you can be super and humble at the same time.

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