The Way Extended #4

The Way Extended #4

Subtitle: A Course in Divine Reality.

The past four lessons of Divine Reality, 06/15/2023, 07/05/2023, 07/14/2023, and 08/04/2023, have been published to make you aware of the importance of knowing how to discern what is there before you if you are not defining who you are, by what you could be, and letting the world pass you by, unable to recognize the fakes, having trouble holding on to righteousness, following the herd who are following the fake, not believing in the narrow path, these lessons might overwhelm you. Of course, these courses seem senseless to an outlaw who can only give honor to dishonor.

Position yourself for a good start with this beginning, so you can conquer any doubts that usually arrive with new beginnings. This is what’s called a learning curve, which is never comfortable, because it’s not the comfort of doing nothing or going in circles.

You will be at this place, this new beginning, where the architects of eternal life will greet you, where you will start a fellowship, and they can take you as far as you can believe they can. Along with improving the world with its micro-macro managing, they will also help you to be a success in all that you do.

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6. No one has ever made this claim or can honestly make this claim. Time has not weakened this claim, or can it.

Be courageous. Don’t let A.I. overwhelm you. Remember, he who hesitates is lost!

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