The Way Extended #3

The Way Extended #3

Subtitle: A Course in Divine Reality.

As you are guided with this beginning by this web site,, be informed that there is a hierarchy in this reality, and with this Divine Reality, together with you, will team up to find your place in this hierarchy. Of course, it will take some time, it’s a process. This is very important to remember, so if you have to make your own mnemonic device to not forget, do so. Keep it simple. Do not introduce anything else so that when it starts to reveal itself you will know where to give praise. This reality will not team up with anything else you introduce, because it needs you to recognize that only this can work.

In the Gospel of Matthew 8:5-13, where Jesus gives much credit to a Roman Centurion who while talking to Jesus articulates a hierarchy that exists in his world, and certainly exists where Jesus has come from, and how it will function to accomplish the impossible. This Centurion knows who he is and also knows who Jesus is by the authority that Jesus exhibits with the Divine Reality. Also, Jesus’ fame is spreading so fast, with all his miracles, proof of his authority and proving that this Divine Reality is functioning superbly without any help from the Jews and their religion. This Centurion has this sensibility that Jesus will recognize along with being surprised that it’s from a Gentile and not a Jew.

Has the Centurion surpassed most characters in the Bible with his insight? His clarity of thought and sensibility, who understands the importance of a Hierarchy, and knowing there is a successful function to it. It’s a Micro-Macro Reality so vast, so graceful, so undercover in its science that some may never grasp its network. This Centurion does grasp it, he who can only be called a heathen by the Jews, what’s up with that?!

This story with its pieces of the puzzle is there to solve and some day will be recognized to be an axiom and Truth. The Gospels are abundant in algorithms of reason and choices.

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