The Windmills of Their Minds

The Windmills of Their Minds

Subtitle: A continuation of Reality Bites, Seeking Knowledge In God.

Jesus who is the only Divine Reality that came to this earth and had a mission to accomplish and that mission was to educate and bring mankind to a perfect place. Jesus had to annihilate a vestige so archaic, so damaging for mankind for mankind to move forward and that was the sacrificing of humans and animals so as to appease a god that did not exist. This great plan by the Godhead who is now called the Father is going to be accomplished by its hero, Jesus the Christ. Archeologists have discovered these fire pits for sacrificing all over the world. They were not limited to just Biblical places but also found in the most remote places in the world. Not by Divine authority did they exist but obviously by the windmills of their minds was this sacrificing initiated.

Sin, not being worthy, to be cast away, inventing commandments that are impossible to keep, these are products from the windmills of their minds. Mankind has to step out of that self induced curse. When John the Baptist saw Jesus he declared by saying “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the fault of the world” John 1:29. This is one of the many accomplishments, a great one, that Jesus suffered and was crucified for. We need to believe that Jesus did come to this earth and the Father sent him in order to build an eternal future and a most excellent life.

In the Gospels, Jesus shows the way to believe and to create a fellowship from heaven that will guide us here on earth to distinguish between Divine Truths or the windmills of our minds. Since the time of Christ, there are still some religious leaders who value deceit that comes from the windmills of their minds and choose to ignore Divine Reality. There are many Divine Truths throughout the Gospels.

Here is one example that has been born from the windmills of their minds. A large mega church, a juggernaut, who only a few decades ago proclaimed the black man has the mark of Cain. Cain who is a person from the first book of the Bible murdered his brother Abel for no good reason. This was proclaimed not in the dark ages but only a few decades ago. On October 18, 1969, BYU university was caught up in with this comment, an edict from the Book of Mormon, pearl of great price, which stated that the black man has the mark of Cain. This juggernaut church assumed that the windmills of their minds was the word of God. Unfortunately, they are still at it. This has to fall under Christ’s judgement in Matthew 7:21-23.

Also, Jesus says in John 5:17 “My Father is at work until now so am I”. This can only describe that there is no sabbath when you are a true worker of God. Only the windmills of their minds can corrupt something that is so clear a message as this one. Doing the will of God is a continuum, not a stop and go. Brothers and Sisters, most religious edicts originate from the windmills of their minds. Only with the Holy Spirit, that was sent by the Father by way of Jesus the Christ, as his mission most surely will help you to discern between truth and deceit. This now is the age to put aside any babel from these windmills.

Unfortunately, mistakes come in bunches and will have a day of reckoning. Heaven is a place of high order with perfect hierarchy. With this perfect hierarchy there is no room for people who are guided by the windmills of their minds. This is the message from the Gospels, before it has been corrupted by religious windmills. This is free of cost to you. No need to purchase any books or tapes. No baptisms in water, it is the fire of Truth that is promised by the Savior, Jesus the Christ.

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