Subtitle: Distance Does Not Separate Divine Entanglement – this is Knowledge In God and Comfort In God.

Quantum entanglement has been an important discovery in science and it has recently been proved by physicists that quantum entanglement exists. They found that two particles from great distances could be correlated. With their super instruments and equipment and being truth seekers, these physicists put an end to any doubt after years of debate.

A particle, a quanta, is an ancient beginning of life, before there were molecules there existed particles. And particles make up atoms, human cells, etc. In the Gospels you should notice that Jesus’ words talked of an entanglement, a force, a spiritual reality, that he wanted to reveal to mankind. The many times he said that the Father and I are one, he tells his disciples I am one with the Father, you are one with me, in turn we are one with the Father. What else could this mean, dear friends, that Jesus’ words are an arrow that points to the future.

Scientists are truth seekers. They are what Jesus describes that we all should be. Is it any surprise that these physicists are describing more of God than some who call themselves Christian leaders. These leaders overlook the direction that the Gospel is taking for mankind’s future. This arrow, a direction the Gospels take, this Divine Reality, needs us to recognize it to be entangled, to be one with God, as Jesus describes. Only Jesus brings this to the world. No one in the Scriptures or any other beliefs, I mean no one else speaks these words. These words spoken by Jesus, with this super knowledge that is now being linked to science and being discovered and proven as truths.

It is now disgusting to witness the Gospels being corrupted by charlatans who are in politics, religions, as well as medical science, who contradict obvious proven truths in order to deceive the weak minded. These charlatans only have the windmills of their minds to guide them, certainly not any righteous entanglement. Now any nonbeliever will looks upon these charlatans and think if there is a righteous Jesus Christ, can he have anything to do with these deceivers. They have caused another breach to truths, to the arrow of destiny, they are even oblivious to any repercussions that may incur from Divine Reality. To this we will wait, we will observe, and we will witness.

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