Subtitle: Knowledge In God and Comfort In God.

This page has to do with Judeo-Christian and how this misused and misguided phrase became a different version of its original purpose. The true version is Judenchristich used by Friedrich Nietzsche and it is to describe continuity between Jew and Christian when the Jew converts to Christianity. I guess you can call it Evangelical. This phrase became a rally point for the conversion of Jews, much different than something that is here today with its non-direction. This German Evangelical original phrase has a meaning and a dynamic plan.

The Judeo-Christian phrase that is used today, that obviously has never been defined, gives greater importance to my “Define and Conquer” Rejoice Post dated 01/03/2022. That we become much better at something when we can define what we believe in. We the people need to define so don’t depend on political airheads with only sound bites that plan to fool you. You will have no destination if constantly getting taken for a ride. With this phrase, Judeo-Christian, the Jew has been getting a free pass and the Christian as an Evangelizer is stuck in neutral, separated from the Divine Plan. Jesus does explain in the Gospel that at the heavenly banquet only the ones that possess the seal that he gives are invited. The banquet doors will not open for any feeble version no matter how much effort was put into it. Matthew 7:21.

Truth must be recognized in order for Divine Reality to reveal itself.

P.S. A wake up call.

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