Subtitle: Knowledge In God and Comfort In God.

For you students of the Word, The Gospel, you need to recognize who the teachers are. That could be difficult if you are not flexible, especially when you have degrees from qualified teaching schools. You will be wiser if you realize you will always be a student because there is much to learn. The student of the Word will be faced with recognizing the Truth. The Truth is sometimes ignored or overlooked in some teaching institutions because their programs deal with the politics of religion and religions will always have their wanderings from the Truth.

This web site knows the importance of Truth and that Truth has a life, an eternal life and Truth has a life force and Truth will always contribute to a better and complete understanding of the Word.

You cannot believe anyone who says they speak the Truth because words will have to be proven and that can take time. So you have to give Truth a time to reveal itself, especially in politics where there is so much invented for gullible voters. Gullible voters always gauge the truth by some trigger words that ramps up paranoia and hatred. Unrighteous politicians favor these words to get what only their party needs and far from the Truth. It is good to see some politicians from this political party breaking away from this nonsense. The only thing you can call it is being a political zombie for any charlatan.

Jesus is the only one that brings Truth to this world. His time on earth and even now. He is Truth and Truth is eternal. It has an eternal life force. Jesus was sent to this earth to reveal the nature of God and God has sent him. This is the science that God brings to us, yes science describes Truth and Truth needs to be defined. There is so much Truth in the opening of The Gospel of John. The student should study this so God can reveal himself to you. I tell you this because I am a teacher by God’s will.

Truth must be recognized in order for Divine Reality to reveal itself.

P.S. A wake up call.

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