Subtitle: Seekers of Christ.

God is not synonymous with religion especially in deeds. This has proven itself in many ways throughout history. You have one story in history describing the Crusades and the importance of Jerusalem and the justification to slaughter men, women, and children who oppose your thinking. Even Elijah slaughtering his opponents at the test of the consuming fire; Kings 18:38. It was a perfect time for Elijah to convert his opponents instead he slaughtered them. The Sumer civilization had a story about the large flood similar to the Noah story in the Bible but it was written hundreds of years before the Hebrew story. What’s up with that? It’s religion and its competitive worldly outlook.

Now this story of Jesus has to get your attention. When Jesus healed someone on the Sabbath and how he was demonized by the religious Hebrew leaders “for doing that.” These Hebrews thought religion was more important than the Will of God. Now here is enough information to make a point and that you have to be more responsible in knowing what is God’s Will so you can tell the difference between religion and God’s Will. The effort you put into this is worth the reward.

Jesus was the only one sent by God to bring Truth to the world. In the Gospels, Jesus proves that religion has taken its own direction. In the Gospels, Jesus confronts the religious order in most stories. In the Gospels, his greatest task is to fix this distortion of religion. Anyone who says they are Christian and is unaware of this needs to catch up and be more literate. Jesus knew that truth will convert and his aim was to convert not to slaughter. Jesus in deeds proves he is out of this world. He defines the Will of God by his words and deeds; we have this to inform us. We have the Gospels, the New Testament to keep us on the right track. It’s sad when there are some people who are more comfortable to remain in the dark than be informed. Tradition will not do it for you! Only the Truth will remain when all else disappears. The Lord giveth and Evil taketh; who will you invite? By itself, can religion ever be miraculous?

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