The New Covenant

The New Covenant

Subtitle: Knowledge In God and Comfort In God.

This is an extension of the last post in how this title, the New Covenant, is fundamental and a foundation to build upon with continuing revelations from our creator. This New Covenant to better define it, is to put the old covenant in its proper place in past history, i.e. something that is not an arrow to the future. The old covenant is a handicap, a form of corruption, to the New Covenant. When you detail the old covenant it can only reinforce and glorify the New Covenant.

Simply put, the New Covenant is the most important message of Jesus the Christ told at the last supper in the Gospel of John. The old covenant with Israel is no longer valid for a covenant which is meant for the whole world. The old covenant gives importance to the law and works that you are to be a slave to or else there is a curse to those that do not follow, a system that also seems to be tinkered more from man then from God and only makes the future more dreadful.

There seems to be now an evangelizing of the old covenant by some Messianic rabbis who think America will be punished like Israel. These rabbis are getting some interest in this way of thinking by Christians who never realized how important it is to define the New Covenant. This New Covenant is based on faith and grace, not by laws and works. Christians, you will corrupt the New Covenant by mixing with the old. Saint Paul was most insistent on not mixing the two. After all, he was an expert about the old covenant and he insist that the New Covenant brought by God, by way of Jesus the Christ, is the only way now to the future for mankind.

Saint Paul describes the Jews as a stubborn people during his time and even before with Moses during the forty years in the wilderness where they tested God’s patience day in and day out. Why on earth would you let anyone brainwash you so that you identify with something that has only been described as a mess in the words of the Savior and Saint Paul. The old covenant and the history of Israel is no blueprint for any country who believes in Christ and the New Covenant. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise, they will not only steal your lunch, they will corrupt the works of Jesus the Christ. They will try to create a Frankenstein version of Christianity that will never work. For any who think this Frankenstein version of Christianity sounds good, I can only tell you that you were never a real Christian anyway, so you better get back to the basic fundamentals of the Gospels.

The New Covenant is defined by faith and grace, not by the law and works, it is the arrow to Divine Reality, the future. Saint Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles, describes the New Covenant as the cornerstone to the new church where you will find this Divine Reality. Avoid preachers who are in the dark with their smoke and mirror tricks. Stay in the light with the New Covenant and its clarity, and truth that will bring comfort and truth in God through Jesus the Savior of the world.

This was written to bring truth to this cause, certainly not to instigate any hatred or violence to anyone or any faiths. A love for truth and a love for mankind is its goal!

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