Things Are Not As They Appear

Things Are Not As They Appear

Subtitle: Seeking Gospel Knowledge.

When grazing and traveling, where does the good shepherd keep his troublesome sheep? Does he keep them further away? Does he keep them in the middle? Does he give them away? Not if he is a good shepherd. He will keep them close to him, to keep trouble at a minimum, even at the risk of the other sheep thinking these sheep must be special, or even more troublesome causing these troublesome sheep to think they are better than these other sheep. Guess what! Our Creator has done the same with the Jews. In God’s plan, “no one should be lost.” So God handicaps the Gentiles in order for the Jews to have a better chance.

In Biblical history, you can see the Jews are a difficult and stubborn people, especially in the sight of the Creator and by what we can read in these ancient scriptures. What would have happened if God chose Aristotle or Plato or Socrates instead of whom he has chosen. It would be a different world today for sure. Jesus, who was sent to this world, the Word of God that became flesh, would have had a better reception instead of being mocked and crucified. Also, Alexander the Great would have conquered the world with brotherly love following Jesus’ methods! There would not be any confusing stories from the Old Covenant like Jacob’s deception, Sarah’s interfering, and 40 years to find a place that was close by. Archeologists found enough stories that were copied from a previous culture such as in Sumer’s literature and the Jews claiming it theirs.

Now, just recently, a Burn’s film suggesting America could have prevented the Holocaust. Oh yeah, America should have put World War II on pause, parachuted into these death camps where Nazis were waiting to ambush Americans and allies soldiers causing horrendous deaths. These Nazis were leaking info about these camps so the allies would stop prosecuting a World War and play Johnny to the rescue and be massacred by the thousands in these planned ambushes. This was Hitler’s last desperate plan, people, to win the war. This war was no battle of Jericho, it was a war spanning the two large oceans. Any how, where was any Passover angel this time, had the Jews turned away from God approximately 1,990 years ago? If anyone needs to do some explaining, it’s the Jews; where was your Passover angel during the Nazi regime?

Be courageous, embrace the Truth. This was written in the name of Love, not to harm even a hair on any Jew’s head!

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