Truth Over Mysticism

Truth Over Mysticism

Subtitle: Seekers of Christ.

Greetings, you who are followers of Hindu, Tao, Buddha, IChing or any other Far Eastern religions. You have been admirable even though you have been practicing with only a fragment of Divine Reality. With some fragments that are valid and some with excesses.

This website’s goal is to bring Truth and guidance. Let’s get right to it! Jesus is the fulfillment to what you seek. The very words of Jesus in the Gospel are what you should grasp and understand. With these Far East religions that I have just mentioned, it is important for the believer to apply themselves to their faith as you have been doing. Jesus also wanted the believer to apply oneself but over time the hierarchy, the leaders, shelved his words and corrupted his teachings.

You are now witnessing in Christianity not what Jesus The Christ came into the world to do but a sort of Frankenstein version of it. Jesus is the fulfillment of Divine Reality. The Christian church has mistakenly modeled themselves from a system that Jesus came into the world to deconstruct and redeem.

The Hebrews, now these Rabbis would have nothing to do with Jesus. Our Loving God understands we humans need convincing, so he has sent Jesus to the world who is God’s word that became flesh and who has all knowledge and all powers to heal, to open the eyes of the blind, to command quanta which have been the builders of the cosmos. Also, to raise the dead, one miracle upon another that has also been eye witnessed so as to legitimize and preserve these stories forever. Jesus will even suffer and be crucified to show mankind how much Love God has for the world and how much power Love can generate.

No religion makes these claims and are not able to. Jesus with his words in Chapter 15 in the Gospel of John uses simple analogies to articulate how God does have a system in dealing with mankind not with mysticism. Note: read only an updated version of the Gospel, not Old English versions with yea’s and thee’s.

Also, God has sent Jesus to the world to remove any confusion and mysticism that any ancient societies and their religions that the windmills of their minds created. In your future studies in the New Testament, you will find that there is also an entanglement between God and Jesus and a promise that there can be an entanglement with you also but only by following Jesus’ advice. Science has now found that entanglements do exist, proven by Quantum Physics. Now that entanglement has been discovered thru science, it will not be denied.

Beware, that by only having a fragment of Truth, you can only be a victim to evil who will use all its methods to keep you in the dark. Call upon God through Jesus; open your mind to discover that this is a Divine Science, not just a fragment of Truth. Test it; let it reveal itself to you clearly in Truth so you can gain righteousness and fully conquer the deception of any man-made mystique.

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