Truth Over Mysticism 2

Truth Over Mysticism 2

Subtitle: Seekers of Christ.

Now that you have investigated the Gospels, you can start to understand that Jesus is out of this world. It’s only when you think of Jesus as just a religious icon that you miss his Divine Science. That he is in command of the things we cannot see, things like the quanta, dark matter, and the things science will discover.

In the Gospels he gives analogies to the troublesome things in this life so we understand them without unnecessary board games or mysterious methods that cannot link up to eternal truths. His approach does not supersede our intellect. Also, when he says, “come to me all who labor and are burdened and I will give you rest”, etc. (Matthew 11:28-30), he is saying I can fix it now and so you can put your newfound wisdom to work. No one else has ever talked and backed their words like this, you are going to find much more if you thoroughly investigate and practice what can only be called a Divine Science.

You can also be a teacher to the ones who are slow to get started with this supernatural system that you will be an expert at. Of course, don’t forget that we have to love one another – this is a must in order for these promises to be realized and become fruitful. They go hand in hand. You will be investing and choosing your eternal life. It’s your choice to be in command and have this everlasting existence to guide you.

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